Baroque is a term that refers to the dramatic and grandiose theatricality of 17th Century art. However, it is also used to refer to a style of music composed towards the end of that century and beyond. One significant similarity between these two magnificent genres of art is a love of ornamentation and decorative elements, which appear to fade as we enter the Classical period. 


Art Du Baroque unites Baroque art and Baroque music into a jewellery collection that embodies a century of ornamental appreciation.

This elegant collection of artisanal jewellery pays homage to the dramatic and intricate art forms associated with the name Baroque. The unique designs on these rings draw inspiration from the ironwork ornaments that adorned palaces, castles and musical instruments as well as the Filigree patterns that decorated Baroque era clothing.

Of course, such dramatic pieces must be given equally impressive labels. These items have been christened with the inspiring names of Belgian princesses and queens, and the great Baroque musical masters, in true reverence of these artistic periods.

This is a collection that not only expresses the poetry and beauty of the era, but also truly impresses and takes the breath away, as the artists of the Baroque once did and continue to do.